Global Influences Project: Artist Submissions

Below are some of the amazing submissions from creatives across the global for our #GlobalInfuencesProject – Submissions are now closed for any further entries.


Our final submission for this years Global Influences Project comes from a producer trio from Nairobi named L3GS. We loved the mellow vibes of this track and it’s amazing how well they have incorporated the loops to create a contemporary sounding beat.

“It was great working with the samples because they are not just like any random sample from the internet, they have a story behind them and you can look up where the sample you are using came from and learn more about the culture and the people that make them.
It’s important to us that we have sounds from our region represented in the music we make and this is a great way to spotlight traditional music.
We tried to build the track around the vocals that we chopped from the Nyatiti Group loop and fused that with the Otacho Young Stars Shoe Shine Box loop.
We added some drum hits of bongos and congas to compliment the groove and have that interplay between the drums we made and the loops provided.
it was easy to add some melodic sounds and bass to fill out the frequencies after having the foundational part down.”

We love how they really nailed why we started this project: bringing the history and culture of this music alive, whilst adapting it for modern tastes and musical styles! We hope this will inspire many more musicians to go back to their roots and create something special!

To find out more about L3GS, follow them on @l3gsmusic


This upbeat bop has been submitted by Jay P Production for our latest installment of the Global Influences Project. We love how they used this beat to create something that got the whole team wanting to dance!

When we asked about their process, Jay P Production said “We have always believed in selecting the best drums and sounds for each genre and that’s what we did here and we really appreciate you guys for believing in us.” We think what they created just from a percussion sample is amazing!

If you want to find out more about Jay P Production, follow them @jay.p_production_kenya


We are loving this track from Ng’at Maler who utilises several different loops for his submission. He told us how the project has really impacted his current workflow when making new music, making sure to include African sounds, and we just LOVE that!

“Loops are such a great way to start a track for me. They are a great way of finding inspiration, and i particularly liked the rhythmic elements that these loops have.
They have an organic sound and are not exactly on the grid because the instruments are played by people. in the case of Watmon Cultural Group loop for example, the plucked instrument provides both melodic and a groove to the track.
I used that as a starting point and built everything else around it.I used the Otacho Young Stars Shoe Shine Box loop to add some movement to the drums and arpeggio and I was really happy with how the rest of the elements came together in this piece.”

To hear more work from Ng’at Maler, you can follow him at @ngatmaler


We love this brilliant submission from Kenyan techno artist, Makossiri. Describing herself as “A true rebel from the outerworld who defies boundaries through her genre bending sound grounded in African rhythms with a futuristic twist”, we loved how she took these beats and created something truly unique.

Talking about her process, she said “I used the Aloka ohangla drum solo loops for this track. I usually like to start my music creation process with layering drums and while going through the loops, this one felt like the perfect fit. I also used a 909 kick drum to create a hard thumping futuristic electro ohangla club party track.”

You can follow more from Makossiri on Instragram and Twitter at @makossiri


We love the powerful beats of our next submission to the #GlobalInfuencesProject from part-time producer Kimani. Here’s what he said below:

“The Ekhunjwe musical group loop has a catchy vibe to it and relaxation combined with a dancing drum pattern kicks in to mind. Music is life and it needs to set you on a journey to a different world, takes you to dance, and you can also travel to a relaxing space in ur mind in such a way that you forget your struggles and embrace the feeling in the moment. And basing it on the fact that it is traditional simplicity is key for it not to lose it originality in as much as u add a drum pattern to it or when you introduce a modern touch to it. And to be frank, i totally loved conceiving the beat and would love to do more of the genre.”

We love that this project is inspiring modern artists to use these traditional rhythms, sounds and beats to influence their upcoming work.

You can follow Kimani on instagram at @devonte6749


This week’s submission for the #GlobalInfluncesProejct is another amazing track that makes you want to get up on your feet! We love this submission from Beats by Maggy, a producer based in Nakuru, Kenya.

“The African sounds were so inspiring, I created the beats using fruity loop Fl studio. The African loop was so energetic so I had to feature some more energy to make it more lively.”

We love this energy too – a perfect tune to get the party going! You can follow more Beats by Maggy by following Amina Muta on Facebook.


This newest submission is called Wena and is by Atieno Oluoch. We loved the vocals and the way they complimented the rhythmic musical workings of the Adungu Cultural Troupe. This new version gave us summer vibes and felt incredibly uplifting!

“I’m humbled by this opportunity and glad to have participated in the Singing Wells global project.

When I picked the loop, I thought of creating a fused string ensemble since the original piece had a string quartet already. And just to add a little sauce, I incorporated harmonious vocals to accompany the family.”

You can follow Atieno Oluoch on Facebook or on Instagram @luddy_kay


You can’t help but dance when the beat drops in our next submission by musician and producer, Mansa Chusa.

When telling us about how he came up with this song, he said: “The “Hiari Ya Moyo” loop gave me deep house/alternative vibes on first listen. I decided to use it as my main rhythm to complement the electronic drum and bass arrangement. The soulful keys augment the rhythm to give it a larger than life feel.” We couldn’t agree more!

If you want to hear more of Mansa Chusa’s work, head to:

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This next collaboration comes from DJ and producer, Shona. This is our first submission using the beats from the Ekhunjwe Musical Group, and we love how this music has been transformed from traditional dance accompaniment, to a house track that you could hear in any major club this summer! 

“It was a thrilling and humbling honor working on those chants and complimenting the groove of my ancestors. Because this is a sound I’m familiar with and a culture I come from meant all emotions were high on the programming of this song. I added a few Techno elements still maintaining the Afro House percussion and groove to compliment the sample. The chord progression was the last touch as it also gave the record color and vibe.”

You can follow Shona on Twitter (@afroshona), Instagram (@officialshonasa) and on Facebook (


We really enjoyed this submission from Trombonist and Producer, Amzi Odek. Based in Nairobi, he has been actively learning and embracing his culture through music, and we love how his submission reflects that so clearly.

“The song is called “Watu Wetu Ni Kina Nani” meaning “who are our people”. This speaks to a conversation that is yet to happen in our current space. The older generation wants us to take up their craft and follow in their footsteps, but are always dismissive to those who try, and the young people desperately searching for direction and identity but often ignore the paths taken right before them. The two sides always looking for each other but never meeting.

For the song I used samples from the Ohangla drum solo and the nyatiti group singing. I wanted to feel like a part of their band, trying to figure out how I would contribute to their style of music and have this conversation spiritually with them.”

You can hear more of his music on Soundcloud:

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We really enjoyed this musical piece from Ethiopian composer, Yohanan Ermias Bekele. We love how he transformed the Hiari Ya Moyo’s driving rhythm’s into something that could be heard in clubs across the world.

“I selected the Hiariya Moyo sample as I found the rhythm familiar and similar to some of the 6/8 rhythms found in my home country Ethiopia. As the electric bass is my main instrument, I first tried to identify a root note to play along with the song and build a bassline and groove from there. Afterwards, I found that some agogo or cowbell samples and some synths to evolve the track into a more dance/electro track per the prompt.”

If you want to hear more of Yohanan’s work, head to or follow him on instagram @blackbuddhasounds

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Mkostii Beats & Collo Skyzan x Joginda Boys

This joint submission from Mkostii Beats and Collo Skyzan is a brilliant demonstration of how these traditional beats can inspire something truly unique and creative in any medium.

Mkostii Beats is a music producer from Nairobi in Kenya, who partnered up with dancer Collo Skyzan to showcase their talents alongside the amazing Joginda Boys.

You can follow Mkostii Beats at @mkostiibeats and Collo Skyzan at @colloskyzan410


We really enjoyed this submission from Kenyan artist, Stefano Sita Nne. This track is entitled Bunde. and uses a sample by Aloka Ohangla. 

“This features the drum solo by Aloka Ohangla Group. My initial thought when I heard the sample was for a hip hop beat. But after listening some more I decided to juxtapose the fast paced drums with a laid back bass and a simple bass drum beat to support the percussion. The shaker pushes the pace forward and accentuates the percussion.  Other than defining the groove, the bass is also the lead instrument in this particular arrangement. The piano and gaara add more depth to the chorus parts and pull us away from the shakers’ high pace forcing us to lay back some more. I think the end result leans more towards dodo, at least to my ears.”

We love what Stefano has done to make this track sound truly his own. If you want to see more of his work, you can follow him on…

Instagram: @stefanositanne

Twitter: @stefanositanne


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ASHISHO x Nyatiti Group // Aloka Ohangla // The Otacho Young Stars

We love this submission from Kenyan singer-songwriter and producer, Ashisho. This song is called “Enjoy” and we hope you love it as much as we do!

“The song came together in one sitting where I made the beat and recorded my vocals (it was a long night) I later mixed and mastered the track the next day.

I wanted a loop that was mostly made up vocals so that I could use it for the hook. The other two loops had an undeniable groove that brought great movement to the different sections of the song making them a perfect fit. My initial intention was for the song to be solely an instrumental, but it felt a bit empty, so I decided to add my vocals to it. It turned out great!!”

If you want to hear more of Ashisho’s music, you can follow his facebook page here:

Or follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @Ashishomusic


Our first submission for the #GlobalInfluencesProject comes from the brilliant Sofia Grant. This collaboration between the rhythmic plucking of the Watmon Cultural Group and the haunting vocals of Sofia have created something magical and we can’t wait to hear from more amazing musicians and creatives who are looking to create their own pieces.

Instagram: @sofia.grant._

Check back here soon for more uploads of the submissions from our Global Influences Project!