Global Influences Project: Artist Submissions

Below are some of the amazing submissions from creatives across the global for our #GlobalInfuencesProject – If you’d like to get involved, click here


We really enjoyed this submission from Kenyan artist, Stefano Sita Nne. This track is entitled Bunde. and uses a sample by Aloka Ohangla. 

“This features the drum solo by Aloka Ohangla Group. My initial thought when I heard the sample was for a hip hop beat. But after listening some more I decided to juxtapose the fast paced drums with a laid back bass and a simple bass drum beat to support the percussion. The shaker pushes the pace forward and accentuates the percussion.  Other than defining the groove, the bass is also the lead instrument in this particular arrangement. The piano and gaara add more depth to the chorus parts and pull us away from the shakers’ high pace forcing us to lay back some more. I think the end result leans more towards dodo, at least to my ears.”

We love what Stefano has done to make this track sound truly his own. If you want to see more of his work, you can follow him on…

Instagram: @stefanositanne

Twitter: @stefanositanne


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ASHISHO x Nyatiti Group // Aloka Ohangla // The Otacho Young Stars

We love this submission from Kenyan singer-songwriter and producer, Ashisho. This song is called “Enjoy” and we hope you love it as much as we do!

“The song came together in one sitting where I made the beat and recorded my vocals (it was a long night) I later mixed and mastered the track the next day.

I wanted a loop that was mostly made up vocals so that I could use it for the hook. The other two loops had an undeniable groove that brought great movement to the different sections of the song making them a perfect fit. My initial intention was for the song to be solely an instrumental, but it felt a bit empty, so I decided to add my vocals to it. It turned out great!!”

If you want to hear more of Ashisho’s music, you can follow his facebook page here:

Or follow him on Instagram & Twitter: @Ashishomusic


Our first submission for the #GlobalInfluencesProject comes from the brilliant Sofia Grant. This collaboration between the rhythmic plucking of the Watmon Cultural Group and the haunting vocals of Sofia have created something magical and we can’t wait to hear from more amazing musicians and creatives who are looking to create their own pieces.

Instagram: @sofia.grant._

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