Group Information

From Kagera, Kidedeya was formed in 2005 or 2009, and performs in the Omusingero style.   Their instruments are: Ng’oma (Drums) and Nyimba (Shakers).  This was a group of wonderful dancing and costume changes.   Every song a new and wonderful outfit.

We recorded six performances:

  1. Omusingero:   A song about playing the drums and dancing
  2. Nchuma: A song about traditional music that the elders love to play
  3. Mrondogomo:   A wedding song
  4. Kidedeya: A send off song, a marriage song
  5. Kidedeya: Freestyle
  6. Magic Moment: Omusingero again

Recording Information

Audio recorded and mixed by Steve 64 Kivutia. Camera operators Patrick ‘Sapat’ Ondiek / Martin ‘Drix’ Muyeshi / Hunter Allen