A message from Henry Neza at UOBDU

Here is a message our good friend Henry Neza from UOBDU sent us after the Singing Wells recording trip to Kisoro, Uganda:

The Batwa of Kisoro, as a result of your visit felt an international belonging and recognition.  Through the generation of money by the Abubilla team for the performance of their cultural dance, the Batwa managed to aquire things like goats, clothes, seeds, utensils, bedding and tarpaulins to cover their leaking houses……

Eating good food among the Batwa families was also another priority for them.  After the Singing Wells visit to Kisoro there was an opportunity for some of the Batwa to experience life outside their community when they visited the Ketebul Music studios in Nairobi for more recordings.  During this trip they were able to interact with the Ford Foundation and benefit from new clothes and shoes, which improved their social status among the dominant tribes here.  This gave them confidence and changed their behaviour.  Now the non Batwa community agree that the Batwa can compete with others in many different fields if they are given the chance.

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UOBDU, January 2012


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