Days 10 to 12 – Monday 10th July to Wednesday 12th July 2017

Day 10 – Monday July 10th 2017 (as per team’s report): Two master class sessions with the 2 masters of the nyatiti (brought in from Lake Region) – William Omondi Ogutu (recorded on day 4 at his home) and William Odondi Matara, also known as Odondi Diel Matara (interview and several tunes recorded before master classes). The two masters taught by demonstration, each using a song of their choice, a group of 5 young generation nyatiti players of different proficiency levels: Judy Bwire, John Otieno ‘Rapasa’, Gabriel Oduor, Walter Koga and Meshack Okoth Okumu.

Day 11 – Tuesday July 11th 2017 (as per team’s report): Studio recording of the two master players ‐ William Omondi Ogutu & Odondi Diel Matara and of Meshack Okoth Okumu; done at Ketebul Studio, GoDown Arts Centre (Nairobi).

Day 12 – Wednesday July 12th 2017 (as per team’s report): Recording of a nyatiti class for children, held by Rapasa at a private residence in Karen (Nairobi); including short interviews with 4 students and with the school director, who talked of the importance of including traditional instruments into the curriculum.

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