We assemble in Kisumu

It is February 17, 201b8 and we are assembling in Kisumu to begin our sixth Singing Wells Field Visit in Kenya (12th Field Visit overall).    Steve, Patrick, Drix and Kahithe Kiiru have driven up from Nairobi, while Tabu, Jimmy and Hunter have flown in. Jimmy and Hunter flew from London to Nairobi the day before.  We are very happy to be joined by ethnomusicologist, Kahithe, and we welcome her to the Singing Wells family.  A bit of background:

Kahithe is a Ethnomusicologist and dance researcher but is also a dancer, choreographer and dance teacher.  She is a skilled researcher with extensive experience in ethnographic research and fieldwork management. She has 8 years of experience in ethnomusicological research in East Africa, with a special focus on dance traditions of Kenya. She possesses comprehensive knowledge of qualitative research methods, data collection and analysis, and is experienced in academic writing, content creation and editorial. Kahithe has a master’s degree (MPhil) in Ethnomusicology and Dance Anthropology from the University of Paris X Nanterre and is currently finalising her PhD in Anthropology (ABD) at the same university.

She was recently appointed Head Choreographer for Bomas of Kenya, a national dance troupe tasked with the mission to preserve, promote and showcase Kenyan traditional music and dance worldwide. She has been a scientific advisor with Ketebul Music since 2015 and worked on Ngoma Zetu (2016).  This is her second Singing Wells field visit – previously she joined us on  Singing Wells Masters of the Nyatiti in 2017.

With Tuskers and Dried Fish ordered and eaten, with friendships renewed and jibes exchanged, we take our leave for the evening and prepare to Dahiro in the morning.

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