UOBDU report on Singing Wells visit to the Batwa, Kisoro Uganda

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It’s exactly a year since we took the Singing Wells project to Kisoro to record the music of the Batwa.  Since then we have been pleased to hear news updates from our friends and hosts at UOBDU about the Batwa communities we visited.  This week UOBDU Coordinator Zaninka Penninah sent a detailed report to us…

The Batwa Trail

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We received a lovely email this week from Ivy Beccu from Belgium.  I’m glad to see that news of the Singing Wells project is spreading far and wide!  Ivy has made a great video about the Batwa Trail in Kisoro, Uganda. When the Singing Wells team visited Kisoro last year to record the music of the Batwa…

Recording music & dance of the Batwa

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Phase 4 of the Singing Wells project starts next month with a field visit to the Kisoro district of Uganda to record the music and dance of the Batwa people. The Batwa, historically a nomadic, forest dwelling community of hunter-gatherers, are widely acknowledged to have been the first human residents of the forest areas which stretch across…