The Influences Series from Singing Wells

One of the keys objectives of the Singing Wells project is to introduce tribal East African music to a new generation of musicians and fans who might not consider it relevant today.  So, we have developed the Influences series – a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles.

Each time the Singing Wells team embarks on a field recording visit we are joined by a talented musician who works with us on ‘Influences’ songs.  They work with us in the field and also in the Ketebul Music studios in Nairobi to produce this new material.

We believe our Influences series will refresh the origins of East African music and make it discoverable to a new generation of music fans.

Newly released Influences song – Missing

March 2013 saw the release of an original track from Abubilla Music, re-mixed for the Influences series.  The song is called (The only thing that’s) Missing and it was first recorded for the Abubilla Music album Misery Marmalade and other Spanish Jams.  Here is the video of the new ‘Influences’ version, featuring musicians from Kenya, Uganda and the UK collaborating in this a unique song to celebrate and support Singing Wells.



71 Hours to Monday

Our very first ‘Influences’ song was 71 Hours to Monday. An original song from Abubilla Music re-mixed to include percussion from Sau Paulo and vocals from Nairobi. (Read more about the background to this track here)


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