The New Singing Wells website

We are proud and pleased to announce the latest version of The Singing Wells website. We hope this will make it easier for you to find and explore our recordings of East African Traditional Music.

Here are some of the added features of the new site:


Most of what we do is story-telling, in the music that we record, the pictures we take, the people that we meet and the journeys that we make – so we have split our stories into easy to read and find sections. Find them via the menu bar.


Our podcasts are now displayed with the full track lineup and listen, watch and group links where they are available. Click here to listen.

Featured Content

At the bottom of each post and story you’ll find a list of related posts so if you find something you are interested in then it’s easy to read more about it.

Instruments Library

We have been collecting East African instruments since our first trip to the Kenya coast in 2011.  Click here to read about the traditional East African instruments we have recorded being played.


We recognise that a lot of our visitors may be viewing the device on iPads, iPhones, tablets, netbooks, Samsung phones etc, so a lot of work has gone into making our site accessible on these devices.


We have now curated 4 albums, representing the music from 4 of our field trips to East Africa. We’ll be updating this as we curate more albums. You can listen to each of the albums in full and then purchase them in the knowledge that all of your money will go back to the performer, wherever possible.

Search facility

We’ve added a search facility so you can easily find the information you’re looking for.

And finally…

Please get in touch with us via Twitter or Facebook and let us know what you think of the new site!
Our thanks go to Wes Burden and the team at Nebulo Strata who worked tirelessly on the site.


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