Group Information

The group is a family group, with all members related to Msafiri Zawose, a very famous Tanzanian singer. He plays in the Gogo style of music which relies on the Zeze (stringed instruments made from gourds) and Ilimba (a lamellophone, or modified thumb piano). We will spend a lot of time with Chibite over the next two days and meet many different family members. For this first recording in Boma, the line-up was Ndahani Bwani, the older brother, his sister Ndekwa and two daughters Grace and Leah.












They played 4 songs:

  1. Dunia
  2. Nigahira
  3. Samamba: Streamlined.
  4. Malugaro:
  5. And a Magic Moment with Grace playing the Zeze (large stringed instrument).

Throughout, they played stringed instruments, thumb pianos and drums – all four could play each instrument and sing. The instruments were: