Day 8: Ketebul Studios with the Otacho Young Stars

During our trip to Kisoro Uganda last year, we realised something – the musicians we were discovering were often so good, we needed to bring them back to the Nairobi studio.  That led to 10 Batwa musicians and 5 Batwa babies travelling from Kisoro to Kampala to Nairobi and recording some great songs over the course of four days.   We now want to repeat this for every field visit and decided to invite the Otacho Young Stars, the great find of our field visit to record the Luo, and Ben Kisinja, the great Kalenjin musician we recorded earlier this week.   Saturday was all about the Otacho Young Stars.  Let’s remind you who they are – here are two clips:


We focused our recording time on Mr Manager, their quite sincere thank you song to a factory manager that came to their factory and actually did a good job.  We always found this song amazing – the group is deadly serious in their thank you to the manager.  But in many ways, we kept thinking it is sad that they find it so rare for someone to essentially do his job that they need to write a song.   Johnnie, Bishop and Eddie all joined in to support them in the studio with Winyo and Nina working on back up vocals. They were a huge amount of fun, smiling throughout it all.

Other than recording, we continued to blog our little hearts out, write up trip reports, strategies, lessons learned, etc… The good news is we have now fully planned out field visits through 2014.


10 March 2012

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