Day 9: Ketebul Studios with Ben Kisinja

Today is the final day of the full team working on the Kalenjin Field visit.  Of course, all of us will continue in London and Nairobi to produce songs and videos of the trip.   In addition to writing blogs, organising strategy through 2014, sorting through about 10,000 receipts of expenses (we run a very tight shop, thanks to Steve’s leadership), we welcome Ben into the studio to record.   The Otacho Young Stars stayed the morning as well.  We had a full  crew to support Ben – Johnnie and Bishop on guitar, Nina and Winyo on vocals.   Watch this space.

We also continued our work to capture new artists for Missing – Global Remix, our 2012 fund raising song.  We had Prasad Velankar, a wonderful Indian percussionist join us to put on new percussion.  He plays the Tabla at the speed of light and transformed the song.  He was so good, we decided to put together a magic moment.  Watch this space for videos.

We recorded right through to 9PM and the ‘northern folks’ rushed to the airport.  The Ketebul crew continued to work in the studio, led by Jessie who loves bringing Singing Wells musicians into the studio.

Hunter and Jimmy will board our flight at about 11PM and with a 12 midnight wheels up, we will officially end the ‘field visit.’  Now the hard work begins of producing all the videos…


March 11th,  Joma Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi Kenya

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