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Global Influences Project: Artist Submissions Page

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…involved in the Global Influences Project? Head to singingwells.org/global-influences-project YOHANAN X HIARI YA MOYO We really enjoyed this musical piece from Ethiopian composer, Yohanan Ermias Bekele. We love how he transformed the Hiari Ya Moyo’s driving rhythm’s into something that could be heard in clubs across the world. “I selected the Hiariya Moyo sample as I found the rhythm familiar and similar to some of the 6/8 rhythms found in my hom…

Recording, archiving and sharing the traditional music of East Africa Page

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…our detailed field reports, group biographies and in-depth information regarding the various different instruments and styles of music we have encountered on our field trips. Here for the Music? Click here! Want to just enjoy some beautiful East African music and revel in some jaw-dropping performances? Head this way to see more videos of the inspiring performances we have captured on our field trips, incredible photography and purchase some of th…