Singing Wells Sampler 2011 – 2013

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Album Description

This is a special sampler album put together, which contains some of the best recordings and tracks we have made as part of the project. It includes field recordings, influences recordings made in the field, influences recordings made in the Ketebul studio in Nairobi and a special collaborative effort between Abubilla Music and some of the musicians recorded by The Singing Wells project.

Track information

  1. Macedonia Band - Seeds and Land
  2. Anyim Lac - Two Man Dong
  3. ZigiDigi Cultural Group and Winyo - Influences
  4. The Sega Sega Band - Flora
  5. Rubanga Kingom Awach Boys - Kanyanga Mbele
  6. Elimu Cultural Promoters & Eddie Grey - Influences
  7. 4 the Mzinga - Performance 2
  8. Nyatiti Group feat Okumu K'Orengo - Ywak
  9. Adungu Cultural Troupe - Afrika Na Jembe
  10. Otacho Young Stars - Mr Manager
  11. Tiny Moses Kamuntu - Influences
  12. Mperwa Dancers and Winyo - Bashitsi Bahire
  13. Watmon Cultural Group and Akello - Amari
  14. Jovah and Abubilla - Inyange
  15. SMCC - Missing