Biluli Dutwa

Group Information

Biluli Dutwa was formed in 1984 and performs in the Busumabudo style.  Lake the Snake Dances we recorded during our last trip, this group is part music, part circus, part acrobatics.   A wonderful crowd pleaser!

We recorded eight songs with them:

  1. Balogi Wa Ngamboshi: This is about the Wizards of Balogi, where wizardry is perceived as a negative thing, evoking witch doctors and snake oil salesmen.
  2. Simiyu: A song for praise for the region.
  3. Bahuni ba ng’wanza: A song referring to local women of questionable virtues
  4. Balimi: A song about farming where the band brought up children from the village and taught them about hoeing the soil to the song. Later we saw several videos of how this song is used in the fields to motivate farmers, who hoe to the beat.   Throughout Tanzania, we saw school kids walking to/from school with their hoes, where they often tend to small plots at the school.
  5. Serengeti: We are near the national park and this is a song in celebration to Tanzanian parks and wild life.
  6. Freestyle filming with song Balimi
  7. Magic Moment: Song Makule
  8. Magic moment again: Balimi