Kumbaka Asee

Group Information

14.03.02 G 4 (Large)


Kumbuka Asee:  The group is led by Margaret Mbia and plays in the musical style of Kilumi, wathi wa kikamba.   They are also from the  Kamba ethnic community (ukamba wa kitui).    They have 15 members and are inspired by kithio kya mukambu (Kamba tradition).  They were formed in 1974.   They use two drums called Kilumi, played by Makai King’ei and Koka Mbindyo.    They played two songs:

Recording Information

2nd March 2014

Recording location:

Kitui, Kiongwe Market, Kenya

Audio by:

Steve Kivutia, Ketebul Music & Andy Patterson, Abubilla Music.

Mixed by Andy Patterson

Video by:

Patrick Ondiek, Ketebul Music; Jimmy Allen, Abubilla Music and Lewis Koome for Singing Wells