Nyati Muchoya

Group Information

From Nzali, Nyati Mchoya is from the Wagogo Tupu community and was formed in 1966 by the grandfathers of the current performers.   Their instruments include: Nindo (jingles), Njuga (Shakers), Mbega (animal Skins), Muheme (drums), Kabati (kayamba-shakers), Manyanga ( Maracas), Madodolo (cow bell), and Pangwa/Kipangwa (a double headed lyre).

We recorded four performances, where each of the songs is named after the musical style:

  1. Nindo: A medley of songs including chimulombaje, muwalonjere and Nema Uganga, a song against witchcraft
  2. Muheme: a song urging all to get up and dance.
  3. Muziki:
  4. Msunyunsho: both songs showcasing musical styles of similar names and instruments.