Nyunyusa Dance Troupe

Group Information

Nyunyusa Dancing Troupe includes two of Mzee Morris’s grandsons, Abdala Nyunyusa Morris on vocals and Rajab Alli Nyunyusa Morris on drums. Rajab is the only of Mzee Morris’s offspring to make his living as a drummer. Here he is with Morris Drums:

Here is the group:

They played seven songs:

  1. Jembe ni Mali: a song to encourage farming
  2. Kilongo Salale: a call to unity
  3. Rasilmali Ya Mnyonge: The worth of a poor man.
  4. Bendera Ya Taifa: The flag of the nation
  5. The Snake Dance
  6. Sarakasi: Circus. This is another performing comedy song.
  7. Ngokwa