Day Five: January 22, 2019 Mwanza Continued

We returned to the same location (Kagera Bukoba) as yesterday to record three groups:

Group 1: Karambi Sanaa Group: From Kagera Bukoba and part of the Wahaya Community, this group was formed in 2000 and performs in the Akasimbo style.

Their instruments are: Kangote (Drums), Akafotho (hand whistling), Enganja: Clapper – two wooden ‘bricks’ struck together, and they wear Ebisheshe (grasses). We recorded four performances:

  1. Wachumba Walya: A song about someone who is too mean-spirited to support his community even though he has lots of money, it is about a man “who eats along, without his brother’
  2. Ntelela Engoma: A song about living with respect to traditional ways
  3. Basigazi Fura Emyende: A song about overcoming all of life’s challenges by working together
  4. Mwije Tuzane: We filmed this freestyle, where the group encourages the audience to get up and dance

Group 2: Kidedeya: From Kagera, this group was formed in 2005 or 2009, and performs in the Omusingero style. Their instruments are: Ng’oma (Drums) and Nyimba (Shakers). 

This was a group of wonderful dancing and costume changes. Every song a new and wonderful outfit.

We recorded six performances:

  1. Omusingero:   A song about playing the drums and dancing
  2. Nchuma: A song about traditional music that the elders love to play
  3. Mrondogomo:   A wedding song
  4. Kidedeya: A send off song, a marriage song
  5. Kidedeya: Freestyle
  6. Magic Moment: Omusingero again

From recording we then drove eight hours to Sigiir. We woke and spend January 23rd driving onward to the New Dodoma Hotel. That evening we had a private meeting  with Dr. Harrison G. Mwakyembe (MP), Minister, Ministry of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports, The United Republic of Tanzania.

Dr. Harrison G. Mwakyembe (MP)

We also met with Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda. He was the Prime Minister of the United Republic of Tanzania, from 2008-2015.  He is now a Patron of  the Cultural Yamnyausi Foundation.  That evening both Ministers hosted a fund raiser for the Foundation and invited Singing Wells members as special guests.  We were greatly honoured to be part of such an important evening and enjoyed the entertainment and the MC’s skill as a fundraiser!

Meeting with Mizengo Kayanza Peter Pinda.

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