Days 6 to 8 – Thursday 6th July 2017 to Saturday 8th July 2017

Day 6: On this day, we travelled by road back to Nairobi.

This report lacks detailed information on several days of recording in Nairobi, because of my absence. The team’s résumé of those days’ activities is included in the form of short notes:

Day 7: Recording of the making of obokano, an 8 string instrument from the Kisii ethnic community demonstrated by Dominic Ogari, a music instructor at Kenyatta University in Nairobi.
Day 8: Saturday 8th July 2017: Recording of an in‐depth interview with John Otieno ‘Rapasa’, our fixer who had previously travelled to Lake Region with us. In this interview he explained his personal journey to becoming a professional nyatiti player, instrument maker and teacher.

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