Meet the team from Ketebul Music

The Ketebul Music team is critical to supporting the Singing Wells project and proved their extraordinary capabilities during our March Pilot.    Here’s the team:


  • Tabu Osusa, Founder of Ketebul Music, on the Board of Singing Wells:

Tabu will lead site selection and take overall 'on the ground' responsibility for the Singing Wells Project

  • Paul Kelemba (Maddo):  The Chairman of Ketebul Music will help with all the media aspects of Singging Wells, as well as join the team in the field.   Check out his website:  click here.

The Chairman

  • Steve Kivutia:  Project Manager for Singing Wells.  Steve will be the day to day project manager for Singing Wells, coordinating audio-video capture and preparation of CD’s, DVD’s and Archives:


Our 'Throat to Choke' on the project - Steve is responsible for day to day management.

  • Jessie Bukindu: Senior Sound Engineer at Ketebul, Jessie will lead the studio work on Singing Wells, including the ‘Fusion’ projects:


The 'Sound of Ketebul,' Jessie will lead many of the key 'Fusion' projects coming from Singing Wells


  • Patrick Ondiek: Pato will lead the video/photography aspects of Singing Wells, including field capture and DVD’s and visual archiving.


Pato: Photography, Videographer, Archivist.

  • Willie Gachuche: Willie is a Ketebul Sound Engineer who will assist on field and studio recordings for Singing Wells.


Willie: Sound Engineer for Field and Studio Projects

  • Polycarb Onyango (Winyo): Winyo is one of two Ketebul artists that will be heavily involved in the first phases.   Winyo doubles as photographer, but led the ‘fusion’ work in our Pilot Phase and will lead our  ‘Influences’ project’.


Winyo will lead 'Influences'

This is an extraordinary team, with huge passion for Singing Wells.   Our goal is not simply to ‘archive’ the traditional music of East Africa – it is about making it relevant to new generations and contemporary music.    This is the right team to make it happen.


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