Recce to Tanzania for our 2020 Field Visit

The Singing Wells team has been travelling through Tanzania in search of the best groups to record during our upcoming field visit in February. We are struck once again by the amazing talent this country has to offer, and can’t wait to capture some amazing moments with these artists when we visit again with the full team in a few weeks time.

Thanks to the good people at Dhow Countries Music Academy for helping us with the information and contacts from their database.
Getting a private crash course on the ganun from ganun virtuoso and teacher Rajab.
In a few previous instances, the importance of Singing Wells is emphasised when someone we record passes on some time after we record them. We were reminded even more of the importance of Singing Wells when we received the news of the death of a musician who we were set to meet that afternoon, Taarab Singer, Mzee Makame Faki. A brilliant musician and our thoughts are with his family and friends.
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