Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle

The Diamond Jubilee Pageant is a performance involving dancers, musicians, military and equestrian displays from around the world to mark The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It starts tomorrow in the private grounds of Windsor Castle and will be attended by Her Majesty.

The show consists of seven acts drawing displays from different parts of the world, reflecting the countries which The Queen has visited during her reign.


Representing Kenya, the show will feature:

  • Performers from the Masai, Samburu, Luo, Kamba and Kikuyo tribes
  • The Nairobi Chamber Chorus considered the topmost choir in Kenya today



Cultural Pavilion

At the entrance to Windsor Castle there will be a Cultural Pavilion which will contain a backdrop of graphic representations of all the countries that have had a role to play in the Queen’s reign.  

On the Kenya stand there will be Singing Wells DVDs freely available for guests. The DVD is from our ‘Best of Singing Wells 2011‘ and features  music videos from our field trips to the Coastal Region and Nyanza Province.  We are grateful to our friends at the Kenya Tourist Board and Hills Balfour for arranging this for us and giving Singing Wells a presence at this wonderful cultural celebration. 



link to website for Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant at Windsor Castle





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