Gary Barlow, Ayub Ogada & the Diamond Jubilee song

We love this song and the video, particularly because we played a very small part in it!

When Andy was asked by Gary Barlow’s production team about Kenya musicians, he recommended Ayub Ogada who plays a traditional stringed instrument called the nyatiti.  We are delighted that Gary did contact Ayub and that he features on ‘Sing’ written especially for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee:



It was great to see an article about our involvement on Take That Daily, a fan website for all things related to Take That and Gary Barlow.  Click here to go to the article.

Our post from March 23rd 2012

Our friends at the Kenya Tourist Board UK & Ireland have added a feature about Singing Wells in their Magical Kenya March 2012 newsletter but the headline article is about Gary Barlow’s visit to Kenya to find musicians from the Commonwealth countries to perform on his song for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

We have to admit to playing a small but hopefully significant part in Gary’s search for talented Kenyan musicians.  We were asked by Gary’s production team for some advice about Kenyan music and our very own Andy Patterson suggested Ayub Ogada who we met in 2011 just as Singing Wells was launched (you can read our blog post here).  Ayub, a musician from the Luo tribe, plays a traditional instrument called the Nyatiti and performed the beautiful and haunting song Kothbiro for the soundtrack of the film The Constant Gardner.

We were delighted to hear that Gary followed Andy’s advice and met Ayub on his trip to Kenya this week.  Here he is speaking about it to Chris Evans on the Radio 2 Breakfast Show (22nd March).

Click here to listen: Gary Barlow speaking from Kenya on Radio 2


If you’ve never heard the song Kothbiro here it is – we think you’ll love it as we’re sure Gary Barlow does.


Magical Kenya

If you’re going to Kenya on holiday we recommend you visit the Magical Kenya website first – it’s a fantastic source of information about Kenya and has everything you need to know about planning a great trip.  Here’s the link: Magical Kenya


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