Namaddu Troupe

Group Information

Lyama Twali Tutya

Dance Style: Namaddu

The group belongs to the Bagwere Clan

Band Leader: Ndoboli Ramathan

Instruments include Ngoma (drums), the Mudiri (long drum) and Entongoli (6 string adunga).

Song meanings

“Lwaki Ndamba”: Why do I have to suffer?  A woman can’t have a baby so her husband beats her and sends her to the witch doctor who ensures she gets pregnant.   She then returns to husband, who has been off drinking, and they reunite.

“Kwakira Wiita”: A song about eating new food, particularly millet, after the harvest.  But the children don’t stay home and are out all the time, so they suffer from bad spiritis.  They need to be home in the house for the good spirits. Gradually they return home and all is well.

Recording Information

20th November 2013

Recording location:

Bukada Progressive School, Bukada, Uganda

Audio by:

Steve Kivutia, Ketebul Music & Andy Patterson, Abubilla Music.

Mixed by Andy Patterson

Video by:

Patrick Ondiek, Ketebul Music; Jimmy Allen and Victoria Denison, Abubilla Music