Pius Wafula

Group Information

Another famous tindkti player/singer – Pius Wafula. We recorded a session with him and his band called “Webuye International” at the beautiful Nabuyole Falls in Chetambe location of Webuye sub-county (Bungoma County). Pius, singer and player of shirili fiddle, used to play with a famous local group called “Webuye Jua Kali” up to 2009, when he founded his own group. Today the group counts 5 members who play the following instruments:

We recorded five of Pius’s original compositions and were amazed with his rough yet mellow voice.

Recording Information

Audio recorded and mixed by Steve 64 Kivutia. Camera operators Patrick ‘Sapat’ Ondiek / Martin ‘Drix’ Muyeshi / Hunter Allen / Edited by Hunter Allen