Shem Tube

Group Information

Shem Tube is a pioneer of the ‘Luhya Omutibo’ sound and had a big hit with his band Abana ba Nasery (Nursery Boys, including Justo Osala on guitar and Enos Okola on percussion; they played throughout the ’60’s and ’70’s.)

Their style was linked to three part harmonies, two finger picked guitars and a ‘fanta bottle percussionist.’  In the 80’s, Shem formed a new band, Les Bunyore , before reforming Abana ba Nasery in the ’90’s.

14.03.11 Shem (Large)

Recording Information

Audio recorded and mixed by Steve 64 Kivutia. Camera operators Patrick ‘Sapat’ Ondiek / Martin ‘Drix’ Muyeshi / Edited by Patrick ‘Sapat’ Ondiek