Our top Singing Wells songs for April

This month we’re celebrating our all-woman groups with a selection of music from across Kenya.

1. Gacharaigu Gitiro Women Group, Kimunya 

We recorded the Gacharaigu Gitiro Women Group in Kangema, Kenya in 2014. The group, formed in 2006, is led by Fidelia Nyambura Mwangi. Their songs are dedicated to self-help.  Its style is Ndumo, an old women’s dance purely for entertainment and preservation of culture. For all their songs, the ladies used the Kigamba (leg shakers).

2. Kaniini Kaseo, Kolleji

Kaniini Kaseo is an all women group led by Mumbi Wambua, in Kyolo style.  The group is from the Kamba ethnic community. They have 16 members and were formed in 1980.   All of their songs use the Ileve (the tin shaker, played by Mumbi Wambua) and Vilingi (whistle)

3. Kangema Urban Women Group, Kibuthi 

The Kangema Urban Women Group was formed in 2006 and is led by Jacinta Njoki.  They sing in the Gitiro style, referring to the dowry payment upon marriage in their music.

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