Singing Wells – The Story So Far

We have just published a beautiful hardback book about Singing Wells which tells the story of the project to date, starting with our launch in 2011 when we travelled to Kenya’s Coastal Region to record the music of the Mijikenda.  Full of stunning photos and excerpts from our field reports, the 110 page book is a detailed representation of our mission to celebrate and share the unique cultural music heritage of East Africa.


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You can buy a copy of the Singing Wells book at the Blurb Bookstore – just click this link:

Singing Wells – The Story So Far

The profits we receive from the sale of each book go directly to our UK charity The Abubilla Music Foundation which supports the Singing Wells project.  Your donation will help give much needed financial support to tribal music groups in East Africa.  By supporting these artists, we can help them keep their cultural music traditions alive and give them opportunities to gain a sustainable income from their music.

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“Victoria, I’ve just received the Singing Wells Project book.  It’s fantastic to see what the project is doing !  Thanks for sharing, Nick”

Nick Blazquez, President|Africa, DIAGEO plc



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