On the eve of our very first field recording trip…..

Greetings from Nairobi.  We arrived on Saturday and spent Sunday at Ketebul, meeting the team and then recording a ‘Hall of Fame Concert’ that Tabu had arranged at Sippers. The music was fantastic and brought to life what the Singing Wells Project is all about.

Let’s focus on the music.  After all, it is all about the music and the concert that Tabu organised to celebrate the best in East African Music.    This was the concert (actually Tabu called it a ‘meeting’ to celebrate the partnership of Ketebul and Abubilla):

Kothbiro:  Ayub Ogado. This is the song everyone remembers from the Constant Gardner.  Written by the legendary Ayub Ogado. He opened the ‘meeting’ and this was his final song. The instrument you hear is the nyatiti (a lyre-like stringed instrument) which he played.

Marina, Samba Mapangala:   This is the song that Samba opened his piece with.  He followed Ayub Ogado who played percussion throughout.  There was a lot of dancing, including a drop by from Maddo:

Winyo:   He’s the current new star from the Ketebul stable.  He sang back up for Samba and when he came on he said he was humbled by the extraordinary talent in the room.  50 years of East African music, the hand-off of one generation to the next.  Massive respect for each others talent and an amazing evening that only Tabu could pull off.    Amazing voice:

We recorded video and used the mobile recording studio to record most of the concert.   We’ll post this later.  In the meantime, a couple of pictures:

Winyo warms up with the Swiss Bone Guitar

The Legendary Ayub Ogado

…and his legendary goatee

…and his legendary Nyatiti

From left to right, Joyce, Alfred and Tabu. Joyce is from the Ford Foundation and supports Ketebul. Alfred helped introduce Ketebul and Abubilla

This was an evening to represent everything Ketebul is about – bringing new East African artists to the world, but rooting them in the generations of music that came before.   This seems a perfect send-off to record village music.  We leave tomorrow at 9AM.



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