What people say about Singing Wells

Brad Gibbs, Managing Director, Mara Group

“Mara was delighted to support the Singing Wells recent and extensive recording trip in East Africa.  As an African group with deep Ugandan roots, Singing Wells’ mission of celebrating, preserving and publicizing the rich cultural heritage of the region resonates with our firm’s vision to harness local talents and capabilities, build great businesses and create a leading African brand.  We look forward to collaborating with Singing Wells in the future.”

PSN Europe Magazine

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Mark Totokwa via YouTube

“This is good stuff – a good example of a sustainable project both in context and content. A big thank you to those behind this project and most importantly to the resourceful musicians. A job well done!” (Posted on YouTube here)

Atesh Sonneborn, Associate Director, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

“Andy, It was a real pleasure to speak with you this morning. Your work is inspiring”

Janet Topp Fargion, Lead Curator World and Traditional Music, British Library:

“I was so excited to be referred to the Singing Wells Project website. I’ve shared it with a lot of people because these sorts of collaborative efforts at recording, archiving and disseminating music ethically are so important. I met Tabu Osusa and Bill Odidi while doing some training on audiovisual archiving in Kenya as part of a British Library World Collections Programme initiative. It was a great pleasure and it is wonderful to see these fruits of their expertise and enthusiasm.”

Angela Impey, Convenor of MA Music in Development, SOAS University of London

“As a charity dedicated to the documentation and dissemination of the music of marginal groups in Africa, Singing Wells plays an important role in bringing attention to both the music and the broader issues that resonate through it, thus giving voice to people who are otherwise little known or heard.”

Mufu Ndosi-Luvai, Publisher, Crave [music] Magazine:

“I’m glad I came across Singing Wells. The production team goes all out to unearth East African traditional music, giving account of the people’s past and present through music. The recordings are a valuable treasure, since a lot of traditional African music often goes un-notated. Singing Wells is the much needed portal for ethnomusicology research in East Africa.”

Matthew Morin, PhD in Musicology, Florida State University:

“Singing Wells does more than preserve traditions for future generations.  By involving a younger demographic of East African musicians, producers and videographers like Winyo, Jesse Bukindu, Partick Ondiek and Steve Kivutia, the project generates bridges of local musical influence that directly funnel into East Africa’s popular music industry.  This innovative approach of strategically addressing the past, present and future, situates Singing Wells as a uniquely imperative initiative that provides essential cultural resources for our global community”.

Guy Morley, Director, No Nation:

“The celebration of tradition, heritage and cultural identity is a common goal held by both Ketebul and Singing Wells – both appreciate that important traditions are under threat and being lost.  They recognize celebration and understanding of culture is vital to the development of the identity and comprehension between different ethnic groups and cultures.”

Christine Kamau, Afro-Jazz trumpeter, Kenya:

“Thanks for getting in touch! I have checked out your project…it’s great that you are dedicated to keeping indigenous music alive. Very best wishes and I hope we can keep in touch.”

Scott Mathews, Music Producer, California:

“…what you are doing as a non-profit is very special and soulful. I firstly want to congratulate you on your efforts and achievements and secondly let you know I am here in California wondering if there is anything I can do to help out…? If the timing wasn’t so tight, I’d love to join you in Kenya – Ketebul Music is amazing.”

Tamara Turner, Ethnomusicologist, Boston USA:

“I was very excited to learn about the Singing Wells Project and was very impressed and inspired as I surfed your website…It is great to learn about your work and I will eagerly follow the progress of the project.”

Dr. Sylvia Nannyonga-Tamusuza, Curator, Makerere University Klaus Wachsmann Music Archives:

“I am very fascinated with your project and looking at what you have on your website is very exciting!”

Andrea Dyck, Curator of Contemporary Cultures & Immigration, The Manitoba Museum

“I found a lot of helpful information on the Singing Wells website and it helped a great deal in being able to hear what the instruments sound like when played and to see pictures of how they are held, etc.  It sounds like you have a wonderful project.  I would welcome any assistance you could give me as I am excited to share this wonderful collection with our visitors.”

Babra Bwisho, Singer, Kampala, Uganda:

“Hello there guys, you are so amazing, I was here watching the recordings you did on your visit trip to the Batwa land in SW Uganda, even the bling (sic) could tell that you brought joy in their spirits and smiles on their faces, here in Ug, this group is mostly undermined, it was so humbling to my spirit that you got this far with them and their recording trips to the studios in Nairobi. I was here shedding tears when I saw Winyo totally and perfectly singing the Batwa dance song and dancing a long with them, indeed that is what music is all about especially to reach out to the unreachables (sic) to me, I salute you guys, you indeed communicated not to them only but to rest of the world as well. Thank you so much for reaching out and may God bless you for that, it speaks out the humility in your hearts and your music not only as business but as a calling. I salute once again. Regards to all the team members.”

Peter Hoesing, PhD, Music History & Ethnomusicology, Clafin University

“I just heard about your project through the Society for Ethnomusicology.  Singing Wells and Ketebul are putting together an impressive body of recorded work and I am so excited to see that happening in East Africa.  Thank you for your work – I can’t wait to hear more of the music.”

Daria Pudenko, Media & Communications, RideThePlanet

“Hello Victoria! My name is Daria, I’m the co-author of the RideThePlanet project – we as a group of friends make short videos on travelling and action sport, in various landscapes around the world. I’m also the music editor for our films and now while searching for tracks for our Ugandan film. I’ve found your website – lots of respect for this work!”

Josh Courter, Director, The Last Hunger Season

“Hi Victoria, a friend, of a friend, of a friend, brought the Singing Wells project to my attention and I decided to reach out.  We are producing a documentary film called The Last Hunger Season about 4 Kenyan farmers who are growing their own way out of poverty.  The film (in advanced post-production) accompanies a book by award winning journalist Roger Thurow and is designed to amplify his ongoing world hunger activism.  We are in need of great music that compliments the project and would love to open a dialogue with you about it. I really love the work that you are doing and sincerely hope a possibility for collaboration exists.”





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