73,603 views on YouTube

We are celebrating today because we are really pleased that so many people are enjoying the music videos on the Singing Wells YouTube channel……73,603 views and still counting!  It’s not a meaningful number in itself (like a nice round 100,000 – our next target) but it does mean more and more people are finding us and enjoying what we are all about – bringing the more traditional sounds of East Africa to an enthusiastic audience.  Thanks for watching!


Our top 3 video hits

In third place, this is the Nyerere Wa Konde Music Club from Sita Village, Gede in Kenya’s Malindi District.  It was the very first video we uploaded to YouTube following our field visit to the Coast Region to record the music of the Mijikenda tribes.



Is second place is a video from our field visit to Kisoro in south west Uganda where we met and recorded the wonderful Batwa people. The music is performed by Kamuntu ‘Tiny’ Moses accompanied by our Influences artist Winyo.



And in first place with over 21,700 views is ’71 Hours to Monday’- a global track from Abubilla Music featuring musicians from Sao Paulo, Nairobi and London which was produced to support the launch of the Singing Wells project in 2011.



Keep watching!



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