Victoria’s reflections on field trip to Northern Uganda

My reflections on an amazing trip are in the form of a poem which sums up six remarkable days in Uganda with Singing Wells….illustrated with a few of my photos.

Through Ugandan Eyes

We travel a road under African skies

And imagine your world through your soulful eyes

Their silence speaks volumes, a story to tell

We’ll re-tell your story, we are Singing Wells

 We travel a road to a world far apart

Your country, Uganda, it captures our heart

 Your eyes are a window that’s opening wide

To tell us your story that’s hidden inside

So sing us your story and dance us your life

Share with us your memories and don’t let them die

Sing us your history and dance us your life

And your musical culture will flourish and thrive

We travel a road under burnishing sun

Green and red landscape, our journey is long

Our reward is your welcome, your music, your grace

Your inquisitive eyes, your sweet smiling face

We travel a road to the beat of your drum

The calabash crash and the steel on your thumb

The bells and the strings, the whistle and holler

The dance in the ring, the leader, the follower

So sing us your story and dance us your life

And show us your world that is hidden inside

Sing us your history and dance us your life

In musical words where your heritage lies

We travel a road of music discovery

The map and the route to cultural recovery

We witness your history, your stories unfurl

We capture your memories to share with the world

You travel a road and must keep on walking

And peddling the wheels that keep your world turning

Years distance the pain of the conflict and strife

Your music your saviour, it once saved your life

So sing us your story and dance us your life

Your history’s a melody, you keep it alive

Sing us your memories, there’s volumes to tell

And we’ll capture your story, we are Singing Wells

On my last day in Uganda, just before I had to leave the rest of the team and travel back to London alone, Akello recorded one of her songs with the Watmon Cultural Troupe, in the gardens of the Airport Guesthouse.  It’s one of my favourites and brings back happy memories of an amazing experience.  Have a listen…

Victoria Denison

December 2012

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