Akello sings ‘Influences’ songs for Singing Wells

During our last field trip to Uganda we were joined by singer/songwriter ‘Akello’. Originally from a small village near Gulu, Akello now lives in Kampala. She travelled with us back to the north of the country and was not only invaluable acting as a translator when we visited the Acholi communities in the area, but also performed some of her songs for the Influences series, accompanied by the local music groups.


‘Wan Wilobo’ performed with the Rubanga Kingom Awach Boys

With just a few minutes to practice, Akello performed this song backed by the Rubanga Kingom Awach Boys playing the ‘likembe’ – a thumb piano.


‘Awinyo’ performed with the Adungu Cultural Troupe



‘Amari’ performed with the Watmon Cultural Troupe


Akello Biography


Akello is an African contemporary and urban music performer who sings in most popular languages like Acholi, Luganda, Swahili and English..After years of working with a few of Uganda’s leading contemporary and world music greats such as Kaweesa, Susan Kerunen, Myko Ouma, Tshila and Kinobe Herbert..she is indeed a rare talent with a rich textured organic voice. Akello begins a new journey of performing her own music compositions that she chooses to call “Hybrid” a simple cross between urban and local sounds back home.






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