ILAM, Repatriation and Jimmie Rodgers/Chemirocha

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While we were in Nairobi recording the old guard of Benga/African twist, we had our latest in a series of conversations with the Director of ILAM (International Library of African Music), Diane Thram.  ILAM was founded in 1954 by the late Hugh Tracey, the legendary ethno-musicologist, who conducted ground breaking village recordings from the 1920’s to…

Music of the Kalenjin: video playlist

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In March 2012 the Singing Wells team travelled to Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to record the music of the Kalenjin tribes people. The people from this highland ethnic group – the Nilotic – include eight culturally and linguistically related sub tribes – Kipsigis, Nandi, Tugen, Marakwet, Keiyo, Sabaot and Terik.  They are perhaps most widely…