Muturi wa Wandindi

Group Information

14.03.04 G3 (Large)


Muturi wa wandindi (Actual name is Geoffrey Mutwiri, Mbaraka).  He is from Kigane Village, Nkevene Sub-location, Nicwene Division.   He started performing in 1964 and is from the Ameru Ethnic Community.  He plays the Wandindi (thus his performance name), which is a ‘tube fiddle’, or what the Luo call the Orutu.


Recording Information

4th March 2014

Recording location:

Nkubu Heritage Hotel, Nkubu, Kenya

Audio by:

Steve Kivutia, Ketebul Music & Andy Patterson, Abubilla Music.

Mixed by Andy Patterson

Video by:

Patrick Ondiek, Ketebul Music; Jimmy Allen, Abubilla Music and Lewis Koome for Singing Wells