UOBDU report on Singing Wells visit to the Batwa, Kisoro Uganda

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It’s exactly a year since we took the Singing Wells project to Kisoro to record the music of the Batwa.  Since then we have been pleased to hear news updates from our friends and hosts at UOBDU about the Batwa communities we visited.  This week UOBDU Coordinator Zaninka Penninah sent a detailed report to us…

Singing Wells – Origins

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The story of how Singing Wells started…. After two years of planning, the Singing Wells project was launched in March 2011 with our first field visit to Malindi to record the music of the Mijikenda. So, how did Tabu Osusa, one of Kenya’s most successful record producers end up in a remote Kenyan village, teamed…

News from the Batwa in Kisoro

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We received a lovely email from our friends at the Organisation for Batwa Development in Uganda (UOBDU) this week. Just to re-cap, we visited Kisoro in southern Uganda in November 2011 to record the music and dance of the Batwa people.