Day 3: Homa Bay and the Kochia Dancers

With Lake Victoria as the backdrop to the studio we recording the visually spectacular Kochia Dancers.

We drove from Kisumu to Homa Bay; we’re on Lake Victoria now at Homa Bay (still 1PM on your Lake Victoria dial) but a little more south and a little more west, on the south shore of the Winam Gulf.

After a long drive, we set up at the hotel in a beautiful field against the lake – we’re surrounded by camels and pelicans, which is frankly a bit off putting. The pelicans are big enough to fly us away, but luckily we don’t smell like fish. We smell like a lot of other things by this time – there aren’t a lot of opportunities to wash and you’ll notice a lot shots of us in the same Singing Wells t-shirt – but luckily not yet fish.  Fish would turn their noses at us.

Our set, below, with recording equipment set up under the bar and the dancers ready to do their stuff…

The studio setting for the Kochia Dancers performance for Singing Wells

The Kochia Dancers

Today is all about dances, so our videos will be much better than still photographs. Let us introduce you to the dancers; here in full glory are the Kochia Dancers who dance in the Ramogi style of dance (ref: for a great article on the Ramogi dance of the Luo, by Helen Odwar, click here):

Photo gallery

Here is the chief drummer…

Lead singer from Kochia Dancers

Here is the coolest Kochia Dancer you will ever meet in Homa Bay:

Performer from Kochia Dancers - in shades!

The band in full dance:

Kochia Dancers in full swing

Head dress Kochia Dancers, Homa BayHead dress full view - Kochia Dancers, Homa Bay

One of the dancers plays the Tung’, the Luo horn:

Horn player from Kochia Dancers, Homa Bay, Kenya

Note how beautiful the long head-dress is.

Horn player from Kochia Dancers, Homa Bay, Kenya

After the dancing, we completed an influences session with Winyo and Jesse on guitar:

Jesse & Winyo perform for Influences with Kochia Dancers

Kochia head dress - shores of Lake Victoria The Drum

And that concluded the afternoon with the Kochia Dancers.

The Singing Well Team

30 November 2011

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